Pump alternating relays

This device, thanks to the use of a pressure switch inserted in the circuit, permits the control and inversion of the 2 pumps in the autoclave systems.
The system depends on the state of a float, which prevents its function in the absence of water.
It is possible to insert a second pressure switch (or emergency pressure switch) that allows for both pumps to operate when one is insufficient to maintain the pressure of the system in the required supply conditions.
Furthermore, in the event of a faulty pump the circuit recognizes the state and permits the activation of the other one thereby always allowing for water delivery.
Thanks to this device, it is possible to realize the control of the conventional autoclave system, with the sole addition of the contactor and the thermal part, at greatly reduced costs.

This device allows to make a control panel for autoclave by only adding contactors and thermic relays.
It consists of a base unit suitable for din guide and of a panel containing two switches for pump operation and seven led diodes that always show the autoclave status.

General features - Cod.TMK32Q2400
• Power supply 24 V ~ 50/60Hz 3 W
• Sequence exchanger and control for 2 electro pumps
• Operating temperature –5 ÷ + 40°C
• Panel dimensions h/w/d in mm. 71 x 87 x 20
• n° 1 input at 24 Vac for minimum level float switch
• n° 2 input at 24 Vac for work and emergency pressure switch
• Panel with:
• Selectors for: automatic / off / manual operation
• Lighting led: n° 2 operating motor - n° 2 protected motor - n° 1 main pilot - n° 1 min water level alarm - n° 1 for pressure switches








100 - 240V~


Control voltage

117 - 230V~ 50-60Hz

24V~ 50-60Hz

Power required

8 VA max

Contact rating

  • 250V~5A max
  • AC 2500 VA - Cos w=1
  • AC 1875 VA - Cos w=0.4
  • DC 300W rezistivnosti


30 operacija u minuti

Life expectancy

  • Mechanical: 2 million operations
  • Electrical: 100.000 operations with normal Load

Operating temperature

-10°C - + 60°C


90x54x59 mm


PPO UL 94 V0




on DIN bar

Protection rating

IP 20

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