Electronic device for electric pump control

• It automatizes start and stop operations of single-phase electric pumps up to 2HP.
• It replaces completely the traditional water system set up consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank.
• It starts electric pump after a pressure decrease (taps opening) and stops it when the fluid flow interrupts at maximum pressure level of the electric pump (taps closing).
• It protects against the dry running.
• Starting pressure is adjustable during instalation.
• Standard 1''M hydraulic connections.
• Instalation in any position - both vertical and horizontal - according to the flow direction.
• Easily replaceable electronic printed circuit board.
• No need of maintenance.

Brio 2000 is an electronic device designed to automatize start and stop operations of an electric pump whose max power is 2HP. When the pressure drops or the flow in pipeline interrupts-opening and closing of the taps respectively-Brio 2000 manages automaticallly start and stop operations of the pump. Furthermore Brio 2000 handles the impotrant operation of stop for dry running, switching the pump off in case of lack of water, protecting it from dangerous dry running.

• Brio 2000 raplaces completely the traditional water system set up consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank.

• Brio 2000M and Brio 2000MT versions integrate a built-on pressure gauge assuring the control on the starting pressure as well as on the installation.
• The range of electronic devices foresee a version integrating a special function of automatic reset (Brio 2000T and Brio 2000MT models) which allows the pump, when it has been stopped because of lack of water, to carry out some brief regular starting in oreder to verify - in total autonomy - an eventual new water availabillity in the suction line.
• In case of, during one of these tests the pump succeeds in priming water, the system re-start working normallly, otherwise Brio 2000 keeps on trying untill the pre-set number of testing has been reached. Once that limit has been overcome, the device stops the pump definitively and it's re-start can be effected only manually pushing the reset button.
• The standard version is adjusted to carry out 4 testing of automatic reset at interval of 60 minutes per each.

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