Electronic device for electric pump control

• Automatically controls starting and stopping of single phase electric pumps with absorption up to 16A (3 HP).
• It replaces completely the traditional water system set up consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank or can be used as a digital pressure switch with adjustable cut-in and cut-off thresholds (in a pumping system with pressure tank) .
• It starts the electric pump after a pressure decrease (taps opening) and stops it when the fluid flow interrupts at the maximum pressure level of the electric pump (taps closing) or when the set cut-off pressure is reached.
• Digital pressure display.
• Operation/error status signalling via LEDs and on-screen alerts.
• Protection against dry running in event of water shortage on the suction.
• Automatic reset in event of dry running, with autonomous error condition recovery.
• Motor over current control which trips in the event of overload or with the rotor blocked.
• Anti-freeze protection which starts up the pump when the ambient temperature falls below 4°C.
• Rotor anti-blocking function used to prevent seizure of mechanical parts during prolonged periods of pump inactivity.
• Overpressure protection able to stop the electric pump at a set threshold.
• Settable trip pressure during installation phase via the digital display.
• Standard 1" M hydraulic connections.
• Installation in any position – both vertical and horizontal – according to the flow direction.
• Operation in master/slave configuration into twin booster sets.
• Terminals for remote connection (1 input + 1 output).
• Alarm log for simple analysis of any system malfunctions.
• Removable electrical terminals to facilitate wiring.
• No need of maintenance.

APPLICATIONS: Pressure switches for water pumps, Electronic flow and pressure devices, Dry running protection.

Brio TOP is an electronic device designed to automatize start and stop operations of an electric pump whose max power is 2HP. When the pressure drops or the flow in pipeline interrupts-opening and closing of the taps respectively-Brio TOP manages automaticallly start and stop operations of the pump. Furthermore Brio TOP handles the impotrant operation of stop for dry running, switching the pump off in case of lack of water, protecting it from dangerous dry running.

Pump power supply 220 V
Maximal rated current 16 A
Max. ambient temperature  55°C
Max. allowable pressure 55°C
Max. dozvoljeni pritisak 10 bar
Starting pressure range 0,5-8 bar
Frequency regulation no
Voltage regulation no
Range of  frequency/voltage regulation -
Protection of dry running yes
Pressure drop on device -
IP protection IP 65


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