Electronic flow switch

It automatizes the start and stop operations of single-phase electric pumps up to 2HP
It is used in water reserve systems (tanks, cisterns, etc.) and automatizes their fi lling up and emptying out processes
It makes the electric pump start when detecting a minimum fluid dropping movement into the pipe; it makes it stop when the fl ow has been interrupted (taps closing or no water on suction side)
Ideal for use in booster sets in series with the traditional pressure switch, or in any other application requiring protection against operation when there is no water
Pump shutdown delay settable internally from 10 to 180 seconds to enable filling of expansion tanks of various capacities
It protects against the dry running
Available with SCHUKO socket or pre-fitted electric cables
Standard 1" M hydraulic connections
Installation in any position - both vertical and horizontal - according to the fl ow direction
Automatic reset after each shutdown of the electric pump; standard interval 60 min/4 attempts
Easily replaceable electronic printed circuit board
No need of maintenance

APPLICATIONS: Electronic flow and pressure devices, Dry running protection.

Pump power supply 220 V
Maximal rated current 10 A
Max. fluid temperature 85°C
Max. allowable pressure 10 bar
Starting pressure range -
Frequency regulation no
Voltage regulation no
Range of  frequency/voltage regulation -
Protection of dry running yes
Pressure drop on device -
IP protection IP 20/IP 65
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