Single phase power supply for three phase pumps

HCW and HCA have been specifically developed for the piloting of electro-pumps both single phase (with starter condenser) and three-phase. They guarantee a constant pressure despite capacity variation and offer the users the benefit of constant water delivery (irrespective of the number of water collections) therefore ensuring efficient energy savings.
Particular attention has been given to the user interface to ensure a highly rapid and easy instalation. The front panel features 4 keys and a 2-line x 16 character display and there is no need to interpret them.
The required pressure and the maximum pump current are the mainly starting up parameters.
In the event of an anomaly situation HydroController with protect the autoclave as it switches off, but in order to protect the supply it will undertake repeated automatic or programmed reset attempts.
HCW for installation directly on the pipeline. Water cooling, incorporates both the pressure sensor that the flow sensor.
HCA to install onto wall. Forced air cooling with fan. External pressure sensor provided as standard.
• Electronic device for the electric pumps control based on inverter technology.
• It controls the starting and stopping of the electric pump and modulates the motor rotations according to the water request from the system.
• Constant pressure due to motor pump speed regulation.
• Energy saving due to less pump absorption.
• Gradual pump start and stop reduces hammering and avoids breakaway starting current.
• Protection against dry running in event of water shortage on the suction.
• Automatic reset in event of dry running, with autonomous error condition recovery.
• Efficient leakage monitoring to protect pump in event of repeated restarts.
• Digital pressure display.
• Motor over current control.
• Operation/error status signalling via LEDs and on-screen alerts.
• Operation in master/slave confi guration into twin booster sets.
• Double set point with remote control option.
• Remote start and stop of electric pump.


Single phase supply

220 V / 50-60 Hz (od 170 do 270Vca)

Absorbed power (P1)

  • Standard 2.2 kW max
  • Advanced 3.3 kW max

Max. electro-pump power (P2)

  • Standard 2 HP(1.5 kW) 230Vca single phase
  • Advanced 3 HP (2.2 kW) 230Vca single phase

Max. phase current

  • Standard 8A
  • Advanced 10A




Pump power supply 3x220 V
Maximal rated current 8/10 A
Max. fluid temperature 40°C
Max. allowable pressure 12 bar
Starting pressure range 1-7,5 bar
Frequency regulation yes
Voltage regulation no
Range of  frequency/voltage regulation 5-60 Hz
Protection of dry running yes
Pressure drop on device -
IP protection IP 65/IP 00

Wiring of hydrocontroller HCW-HCA MT: 1x230V supply - 3x230V electric-pump

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