Automatic system for use rain water in place of potable water

In domestic use about 50% daily water needs can be replaced by rain water. Rain water for it's characteristics, is more suitable for irrignation and washing clothes.
The MWRC 1 device permits the automatic control of the use of rain water in place of that which comesfrom the aquaduct when drinking water is not strictly necessary.
The device also checks that the cistern that collects the rain water is at correct level needed, by automatically switching to the aquaduct water if water level is low or absent.

After the instalation and electrical wiring has been made by specialized personnel, the MWRC 1 will perfectly control your system in the use of rain water. The green LED ''System ready'' turns on, the device is set to automatic, and from that moment the MWRC 1 will check the level of water in your cistern and automatically switch over to the aquaduct water in situation where there is not enough water in the cistern.
As soon as the cistern reaches the minimum level, the device returns to the position of the use of rain water thus avoiding an unnecessary consumption of water from the aquaduct. By pressing the ''Simulation Low Level Rain Water'' Button, it is possible to simulate the lack of water in the cistern; for as long as the button is held down, the system will operate with water that comes from the aquaduct. Once a day a valve is automatically switched to on to make sure that device is working propertly. If one should choose to operate the system with only drinking water (for example, during maintance) the device can be set on ''Permanent fresh water'' thus by-passing the rain water cistern. The MWRC2 model has a display that shows the water level in the cistern. This level has to be surveyed by a pressure sensor that can be bought separately and usually comes equiped with 6m cable.




Power supply

230V / 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption

6mA max.

Valve power supply

230 V / 50 Hz – 1A

Pump power supply

230V / 50 Hz – 5A

Tank level control

Float switch

Sensor and/or float switch

Storage temp.

-20°C - +80°C

Operating temp.

0°C - +50°C


127x87x61 mm



Rain water level display


10 LED

Protection rating

IP 65

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